Professional Communication

Communicating professionally is extremely important for any organisation. This workshop teaches intermediate to advanced professional English that is job-specific. It includes:

  • Formal v. Informal English

  • Answering phones

  • Writing formal letters

  • Writing business e-mails

  • Body language

  • Useful phrases

Participants also get access to a resource pack to help improve their written English.

This workshop is best suited to smaller groups of around 8-10 people, so that everybody has enough time to practice and receive feedback.


One Day Course

Maximum 12 People

FRW 350,000

Make a Website

This workshop is aimed at getting your organisation started online. We recommend Wix for ease of use, and throughout the day you will learn:

  • How Wix works and how to set up your website

  • What to include on your site

  • How to change the style and design

  • Changing the layout for a mobile phone

  • The difference between social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) and which to choose

  • How to link your social media to your website

  • Online donations

  • The best ways to connect with your audience

This workshop is best suited for small groups who will be helping to maintain your website.


One Day Course

Maximum 5 People

FRW 350,000

If you want to put your website live, ongoing annual fees are around USD 100-150 for website hosting and $10 a year for a custom .com/.org domains

Volunteer Management

Volunteers can be an incredible asset to your organisation, helping to share skills, save time and promote your work - if fully engaged.

This course looks at:

  • Different types of volunteers

  • Calculating volunteer worth to your organisation

  • Managing volunteer expectations

  • Setting goals

  • Supervision

  • Developing a strategy

  • Creating cause ambassadors

  • Retaining skills

By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of how to use volunteers for good in your organisation and how to keep them engaged.


One Day Course

Maximum 12 People

FRW 450,000

This workshop is all about capacity building and resource mobilisation. It's a one-day intensive workshop which helps identify which skills and resources you already have and which ones you need. It looks at:

  • Staff skills

  • Equipment

  • Software

  • Volunteer power

  • Contacts

  • Communication

  • Dormant resources

By the end of the workshop, you will have prioritised which resources you need to build  first and have an action plan of how to get there.

Capacity Building
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One Day Course

Maximum 20 People

FRW 450,000

This is a two-day intensive workshop that introduces participants to the theory of diverse fundraising. This helps organisations to move away from relying solely on donor grants and helps to build a more resilient funding plan.

  • Theory of sustainable fundraising

  • Avoiding aid dependency

  • Community fundraising

  • Individual giving and crowdfunding

  • Social enterprise

  • Building knowledge markets

  • Membership structures

  • Cause ambassadors

  • Raising your profile

We do not cover grant writing in this workshop as the idea is to look beyond bid-writing and consider ways of improving your organisation's financial independence.

Diverse Fundraising Strategy

Two Day Course

Maximum 15 People

FRW 850,000

This is a three-day introductory course that teaches some of the basic theory of monitoring and evaluation and a set of Excel tools for analysing and presenting data. We teach using Excel because that is the most commonly accessible programme in Rwanda. It covers:

  • Why monitoring and evaluation is important

  • Research ethics

  • What to monitor and how to evaluate it

  • Basic qualitative and quantitative methods

  • Preparing data for analysis

  • Ordering, grouping and filtering data with Excel

  • Presenting data visually

  • Explaining data clearly

This course is best suited to people who already have a basic understanding of Excel and monitoring and want to improve their skills.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Three Day Course

Maximum 8 People

FRW 1,200,000