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Welcome to today's training on

Diverse Fundraising

This is a pre-recorded course, so remember that you can pause the video at any time, go back and watch it again, and press the cc button for English subtitles        You can also make the video full-screen with this button      Stop the video at the end so that it doesn't automatically start playing another one.
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2021-04-25 16_14_13-Fundraising Training

Let's start the course with a look at the theory of diverse fundraising. What it means, why it's important and how you might start to develop a diverse fundraising strategy. If you have any questions, you can pop into Zoom and ask them. The Zoom link is at the bottom of this page.

You can download a copy of the funding methods list here.

  1. Put a tick next to the methods you already use

  2. Circle the ones you don't use, but would like to develop

  3. Cross out anything you don't think would work for your organisation



Time for a coffee break! Take 30 minutes to switch off and refresh.


Welcome back. We're going to take a quick look at sustainable project design and why it's so important when thinking about fundraising. Sustainable projects are attractive to donors, but also help to build your organisation's financial independence and stability over the long-term.

Now that you understand the theory, let's have a go at designing a sustainable, income-generating project.

  1. Download this template and print it out, or fold a piece of paper into quarters (four pieces) if you don't have access to a printer.

  2. Working individually or in small groups, follow the instructions in the video below and try to come up with at least one sustainable project idea.

If you get stuck for inspiration, revisit the diverse fundraising methods list from the morning session and see whether you could design a project that incorporates a new form of unrestricted income from that list.

Enjoy your lunch break and we will reconvene at 2:30 p.m. for a Zoom discussion to look at your project ideas.


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Further Fundraising Resources:

Funds for NGOs: An international database of grant opportunities, an annual subscription costs around $50-99 a year depending on whether they're having a sale.

NCVO Knowhow: This is a UK organisation supporting non-profits with a database of useful training videos and documents on fundraising and NGO management. Most of the resources are completely free.

Dan Pallotta: Many NGOs struggle with the morality of income generation as a non-profit organisation. This TED talk by Dan Pallotta on changing how we think about 'charity' is really helpful.

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