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Here at Kumva, our associate consultants have been involved in some large projects over the years, including:

  • Leading the development of Armenia's first national funding and advocacy strategies in disability.

  • Developing foundation curriculums in writing and communication for the University of Global Health Equity.

  • Developing and strengthening anonymised mental health monitoring for genocide survivors, in partnership with Survivors Fund.

  • Conducting a project feasibility study for a British NGO looking to work with refugees in Easter DRC.

  • Developing training for 40 heads of civil society in diverse fundraising and resource mobilisation, in partnership with UNDP and Rwanda Governance Board.

  • Designing and delivering report writing training to the Ministry of ICT

  • Securing emergency funding for remote counselling for survivors' organisations during the COVID-19 lockdown

We can help to develop new strategies and review existing ones. Our main focus is on organisational strategy, communications, advocacy, diverse fundraising, and research.

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